DUI Charges in Torrance

At around lunchtime, a call came in for a DUI bail bond out of Torrance. A young man had been out drinking the night before and was caught by the Torrance police department for driving under the influence or a CA VC 23152(a).

His father had been up all night waiting for the young man to be cleared for release. He was at work when he received a notice that his son could be bailed out and promptly called us.

After asking some basic questions to ensure that the father met our indemnitor requirements, we proceeded to take the payment over the phone and dispatch our agent to go post the bond in Torrance.

The father was working in construction and luckily had just finished a job so was able to meet our agent at the jail to complete the paperwork.

The process at the jail was very straightforward and took about 10 minutes for the defendant to be released.

After the defendant was released we had him fill out the paperwork that is required of him, thus completing our business.

Since it was a DUI arrest, the Torrance Police department had impounded the defendant’s car. Getting his car back required that he called the records department, pay the $84 dollar storage fee and present his ID to the officer on duty. His driver’s license had been confiscated by the arresting officer, but he was able to use the document they issued him upon release to establish his identity and get his car back.

All in all, it was a successful bail bond and we were happy to help out this family with their Torrance Bail Bond needs.

Need a bail bond in Torrance? Give Angels Bail Bonds a call. We’re here 24 hours a day waiting to help you out with your bail bond questions, to help you locate an inmate in Torrance and to bail someone out of jail in Torrance.

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