California Bail Bonds

California Bail Bonds

Angels Bail Bonds provides expert assistance in providing California bail bonds service. In order to write California bail bonds a bail bond agent must be properly licensed. The agents of Angels Bail Bonds are all fully trained and licensed in the Southern California areas of Los Angeles and Orange County. The cost to the consumer for California bail bonds is usually around 10% of the bond as determined by the court. While the percentage that can be charged by a bail bond agent on California bail bonds is fixed by state law, the final cost will fluctuate up or down depending on the size of the bond and reasonable expenses incurred by the bail bond agent. In a California bail bonds contract, the consumer is agreeing to a number of terms.

Bail Bonding Process in California

Some of the terms of a California bail bonds contract include:

  • On a California bail bonds contract the consumer is typically agreeing to the following:
    • Pay the premium for the bond. As mentioned above this is usually around 10% of the total bond as set by the court.
    • Provide collateral on the bond. Very often this is the home or property, or other valuable property.
    • Pay any reasonable expenses incurred by the bail bond agent. Reasonable expenses may include:
      • Compensation for any long distance phone calls that are relevant to the delivery of the bond.
      • Excess travel expenses. Excess travel includes any long distance travel, or travel into an area where the bail agent doesn’t usually market or operate.
      • Posting fees. A posting fee is a payment made to a bail agent in another area to deliver a bond. Posting fees don’t apply to the delivery of a bond by the agent within his area of marketing and operation.
      • Bail enforcement agent and skip tracer expenses. These are usually based upon the amount of the bond, and only apply in the event the defendant fails to appear in court.
      • In the event the defendant fails to appear the consumer is responsible for payment of the amount given on CA bail bonds.
      • All applicable fees pertaining to the appearance of the defendant in court, including attorney fees and court costs.
  • On most California bail bonds contracts, the consumer is held liable to keep the bail bond agent informed of any changes to the defendant’s address or place of employment.
  • If someone other than the defendant has secured California bail bonds, that person is responsible for aiding bail enforcement agents and skip tracers in locating a defendant who fails to appear.

Further information about how bail bonds work, can be found on our website and the California department of insurance website. Bail bond agents of Angels Bail Bonds are also available to provide free bail information, and have decades of experience in dealing with California bail bonds.

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