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24 Hour Bail Bonds

24 Hour Bail Bonds

Let us share with you how our bail bonds work! It isn’t uncommon for us to receive calls from customers who are simply at a loss since it’s the first time they or a loved one has been arrested. Understandably, they’re unfamiliar with the legal system and are unclear how to process out with a California bail bond. We are especially sensitive to family members or friends attempting to secure the release of a loved one on their behalf.

Rest assured that anyone of our highly capable agents will take their time in walking you step-by-step through the process of securing a California bail bond, making the procedure as stress-free as possible. 

If you need help getting someone out of a detention facility at any time of the day, we are your perfect choice, as our bail bond services are available 24 hrs

At Angels Bail Bonds we are in charge of giving you the opportunity to bail someone, and offer you help with lawyers, as well as solving any doubts you might have regarding all related matters, such as the bail hearing process, the court, the magistrate, and the exact role of a judge.

We will prevent the defendant from being incarcerated before their appearance at court, but regardless of the type of bond, if the defendant does not return to court as promised, the court will issue an arrest warrant and the bond money will be forfeited

Call us at any time of the day and we’ll do all that’s in our hands to prevent the accused from jailing or going to a detention center while they await their trial. 

Do you know what prisons a defendant might face? Keep reading and learn about them.

Types of prisons in the U.S.

U.S. prisons have three basic levels:


Maximum security prisons are what most people imagine when they hear someone’s going to jail. But in reality, only a quarter of all prisoners in the country are housed in this type of security facility, as they are reserved for violent offenders who could cause problems in lower security jails.


Medium security restricts the daily movements of inmates, but instead of having cells, they have dormitories and is a prison that’s normally enclosed by a razor-wire fence. 


The minimum security prisons are only reserved for non-violent offenders with clean criminal records, or for the prisoners that already served most of their term in a maximum-security prison. 

If you have any doubts on lawyers, attorneys, surety bonds and all terms related to the bonding process, call us today and solve all your questions in a free consultation!

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